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@Home Estate Agency values. Learn more about who they are! 23 December 2016

Hopefully by now you will have heard about @Home Estate Agents, their 5* service and record sales prices. If you want to learn more about who they are and their values then read on! Click here Read More

Is it time to trade up? 03 October 2016

At Home Estate Agents look at why it is currently the perfect time to look at a larger home... Click here Read More

What does Brexit mean for property now? 01 August 2016

At Home Estate Agents take a look at the impact of Brexit on property prices. Will it affect the Horsham and Southwater property market in 2016 and 2017?: Click here Read More

How will the EU referendum effect property prices? 10 June 2016

At Home take a lot at the forthcoming EU referendum and potential impact on property prices. Click here Read More

The Internet Is The Key 06 May 2016

At Home Estate Agents take a look at how the Internet is the key to maximising the value of your property. Click here Read More

At Home Estate Agents donate first sales fee to local school 19 April 2016

At Home Estate Agents recently donated their first sales fee to the locel QEII school. Find out more below: Click here Read More

How to maximise your sales price 19 April 2016

Some simple measures can help you to achieve a better price for your home. Find out more in our latest blog: Click here Read More

Tax Changes From the Chancellor`s Autumn Statement - Impact on Buy-to-Let 25 November 2015

Trouble ahead? In my previous blogs I have alluded to the changing political and fiscal outlook for buy to let as an investment and todays tax changes seem to be an appropriate time to discuss the buy to let market again. Buy to let investment has been a low hanging fruit for the cash strapped government to tax as it"s unpopular with voters who can"t afford their own home, and tax they have.... Read More